IGNITE YOUR Inner Athlete

Get Hooked On The True Story Of Your Body

Get Off The Sidelines + Bring Your Sexy Back After An Injury Or Health Challenge

There are times in life that we become separated from our Inner Athlete

We get sick; we get hurt; we have a baby; we get overwhelmed and stressed (and depressed) and we figure that fitness and nutrition are not something we can afford to care about. Yet in truth, we never stop missing that feeling of energy, aliveness and strength that are hallmarks of our Inner Athlete.

Or perhaps you’ve dealt with a major upheaval in your health

Such as an injury that has kept you sidelined and questioning your identity. I know that when you’ve been able to do things a certain way for so long, when you can’t any longer, no matter what the reason is, it affects your mental fitness and your physical fitness.

You’re here because you’re a well educated, ambitious professional who wants to feel and look good in your body, but you have consistent frustration with both.

“What I’ve found working with people over the years is that everyone has a story. And it seems to be that these old, false narratives keep us stuck. Our old way of taking care of ourselves just doesn’t work anymore and so we need to create a new story, a new narrative, with our avatar, The Inner Athlete”

Ashley DePaulis

Sustainable Health Practitioner & Inner Athlete Advocate

If you’re anything like me, you know what it feels like to be an ambitious go getter and always have the highest standards for yourself…

Which is why it’s so frustrating when you can no longer train the way you used to.

You’re instead feeling a lack of energy and motivation, and this isn’t like you at all. 

When you look in the mirror you’re not even sure you recognize yourself anymore. It’s not as if you don’t like yourself, but you definitely don’t feel like yourself, and now it’s showing up in the way your body looks and feels.

So feeling less than BADASS in your body has you feeling confused.

Perhaps you vaguely remember that athlete.

  • She’s that hardcore feisty warrior princess that used to run in the rain.
  • He’s that adrenalized powerhouse that used to lift kegs casually over his head.
  • Or some other version of that lean, vibrant, powerful being you once were.

Now you wake up every morning looking in the mirror feeling frustrated and fed up with where your body is today. It just doesn’t work the way it used to, and it’s beginning to show it in the way you look and feel.

Perhaps you’re blaming the same old injury, the new job, or whatever other life circumstance that’s kept you off the playing field.

You’re angry with yourself for the weight you’ve put on and perhaps even doubtful that you’ll ever actually get that body back. Even worse? Your confidence is shot, you’re constantly feeling tired, irritated, and at odds with yourself.

If it were only about working out and eating healthy, you'd be doing that, which tells me something else is going on.

You’re an athlete so it’s clear, you know what to do. The real problem is… You’re not doing it.

What you really need is to get your head back into the place of first WANTING to make this is a real thing and second believing it’s actually possible for you.

The biggest challenge to getting your sexy back, is YOU.

If you REALLY want your sexy back, it all begins with your mindset!


Hear me out on this. . .

You know WHAT to do, shoot you’ve done it all your life. The REAL problem is, getting yourself to do it, better yet, believing it’s even worth it to try.

Which is why the strategy is the easier part of the two, and even that shifts over time, the real kicker, is in the way you think about what you need to do.

And if we’re being completely real here —> THAT’S THE REAL PROBLEM.

It’s about consistent, sustainable actions <— But who can be consistent if you’re constantly feeling up and down about what you’re doing and doubting if it’s even worth it?

Which is why, what you really need is. . . A combo pack of mindset training + the proper strategy to get you where you want to be:  Putting on your favorite outfit, to experience the feeling of knowing you look STRONG + SEXY even before looking in the mirror. You can tell by how you feel, how good you look!

Let’s look under the hood of why it’s so hard to maintain consistency with a shi**y mindset.

The real problem is what used to be fun isn’t fun anymore.

The old way of feeling strong + energized just isn’t doing it for you, and the new way isn’t completely clear.

It’s like your identity is in question so you’re not even sure how to move forward.

You have a hard time getting motivated, and that’s not like you at all!

Your injury and/or belly seems to stare you in the face every time you train and your eating is off.

These feelings are possible once again when you let go of the old you, accept where you are, and are willing to walk in the present. You can feel like yourself again, and do what you love the most!

You can move forward without doubt and fear, when you “stop trying” to “get back” to the athlete you once knew.

All you want is to feel like yourself again, get back to feeling healthy, and in the groove of a fun + consistent training routine.

You want this injury to be a thing of the past, and get back to a life filled with play, joy, adventure with a body you can be proud of.

See you can either keep battling yourself, feeling frustrated, angry OR you can learn to love the process and find a new way of doing things. . .

Where you and your body are in sync. Doing the activities you love. Feeling STRONG, SEXY + MOTIVATED!

You want your injury or health challenge to stop ruling your life.

I’m here to help…

Let me introduce you to Your Inner Athlete. 

A reliable {playful + cooperative} teammate on your mission to no longer let a past injury or health challenge hold you back.

You get to move forward with a new connection where you can train, feel like a BADASS with a great ass, creating the body and a life you enjoy again!

Which is exactly what I teach in. . .

No matter what your story is. . . Let’s shift away from all the judgement, punishment, restriction and control

AND lead you into the freedom of feeling STRONG, ENERGETIC and CONFIDENT in your body. It’s time to bring the SEXY BACK!

Imagine a world without all the judgement, punishment, restriction and control when it comes to your
health + fitness + eating.

The fight with yourself + your body can be over for good!

Experience the FREEDOM + Bring the SEXY Back with Your Inner Athlete by getting hooked on the true story of your body. One that’s physical, personal and connected to the experience of your unique human spirit.

Be spontaneous again!

Feeling like you can join your friends for a spontaneous hike, outing or challenging training session. Knowing you can push your limits and have fun.

Feel adventurous again!

Go skiing {or insert favorite activity} for the first time, and being ready for the next round! Even if others in the group are ready to slow down.

Feel Motivated + Be Consistent!

Your body feels physically and emotionally lighter! You're no longer turning down invitations, you're making them! You're reaching out to invite your friends on adventures, or for an impromptu training session.

Strong + Sexy Confidence.

To look in the mirror and feel fucking fantastic about the way you look, knowing you can still lift the weights, train heavy, and stay sexy after injury.

And most importantly…. You’ll have the confidence, mindset, and strategy to make this part of your new identity for the rest of your life.

No more feeling sorry for yourself.
No more doubt, fear and frustration.
No more trying to get back to the athlete you once knew.
No more battling with yourself or your body.

You finally get to unleash your true Inner Athlete.


A program to Bring The Sexy Back!

Extremes are easy. Finding Alignment Takes Work.

Your Inner Athlete is always here, now, within, waiting to help you have a day full of whatever movement and nutrition is best for you at the present time.

Now that you know how much your mindset is wrapped up in your current experience, and that it’s impairing your ability to heal, and get back into action. Let’s look at how you can truly create a new level of connection and rescript your mindset with your Inner Athlete.

I won’t lie, The Inner Athlete detox process is ultimate and gradual – within The Inner Athlete Advantage program we’re slowly weaning you off your current story and getting you hooked on what really works – connecting with the spirit of YOUR Inner Athlete! Your Inner Athlete is a powerful antidote to any other narrative.

It is your most vital, alive, and powerful self. Plus your playful, curious and enthusiastic self, the one that may have been dropped off the truck a few years back when you were learning to be an “adult.”

The Inner Athlete can speak to someone who has not experienced the play, adventure and fun that athletics and recreation offers, and can bring someone back who feels they lost it.

The Advantage is for high achieving, highly driven, highly motivated professionals who are ready because the old way to feeling fun, sexy and happy in your body no longer works. You sense that something is missing, and it's the connection to YOUR Inner Athlete.

Liberate yourself from the high achieving formula of being hard on yourself + your body. Find the consistency, confidence + sexy strength you’ve been looking for!

Here’s how we tackle it. . .

Those of you I’m calling on crave a playful spirit + feeling fit and strong in your body. This program is for women looking to bring their sexy back with expert knowledge, support and up to date tools to experience and maintain a comprehensive physical transformation. To look in the mirror and feel fucking fantastic about the way you look, knowing you can still lift the weights, train heavy, and stay sexy after injury. I help you with the visible and invisible elements of healing. We get in your body AND in your mind.

Contrary to what the name may have you believe, this is not JUST about dieting and working out. It’s a curriculum for IGNITING YOUR Inner Athlete from the inside out.

So… what does that mean? What is YOUR Inner Athlete?

Within all of us, there is a desire to feel energetic, alive and strong. Your Inner Athlete gives a voice and identity to this place in our bodies and minds, and connects us with our most playful and resilient selves.

Your Inner Athlete will help you create and accomplish a
new level of connection with yourself and your health.

The Inner Athlete Advantage is comprised of the 4 Pillars of Mindset, Fitness, Nutrition + Accountability via six core modules. Here’s the curriculum you’ll be guided through:







The first pillar is Mindset where we cover what’s keeping you from taking action. Let’s face it, you know what to do, you’re just not doing it. Here we’ll dive into what’s holding you back.

  • Identify the beliefs that are holding you back, the ones that have you judging your behaviors as “good/bad,” “right/wrong,” and comparing yourself to others, or a past version of yourself.
  • Begin BEing with your Inner Athlete instead of forcing yourself into an approach that isn’t working for you anymore.
  • Train + eat for all life’s adventures + challenges. No more stress about what to eat or not eat, how to exercise or not exercise.

This will be the last workout program you ever do because we are going to transform you from the inside out. Once you have the right mindset, you’ll be ready to take on the rest of the program with ease so you can build the confidence to get back in action, lose the belly bulge, train again, and eat in a way that nourishes your body without going CRAY by first mastering these components of your mind.



The second pillar is Fitness where we cover the type of training routine that you can enjoy, and one that puts you on the road to recovery for good. So you can, get your sexy back.

  • Create a unique to you schedule + training plan that focuses on achieving high quality movement that’s pain-free + safe.
  • First move well, then move often: Conditioning, Strength + Endurance.
  • Balance the fitness equation to create healthy patterns in your body for the long run.
  • Move mindfully by removing self-defeating thoughts that have you running on empty.



Once we master your fitness, we’ll dive into the third pillar which is all about Nutrition so you can create a lifestyle and healthy eating routine that feels yummy to you.

  • Gain both nutrition + enjoyment –> making better choices that fit you + your lifestyle.
  • The focus is having a better nutrition status –> what you eat, how much you eat, when you eat.
  • Balance the nutrition equation so that it ebbs + flows with the training + life season you’re in.
  • Eat mindfully by removing self-defeating thoughts that weigh you down.



The fourth component of the program is the most important, which is all about accountability.

No one ever got anywhere great by going at it on their own. Which is why we all need a TEAM and a COACH to help guide us, push us, and believe in us. 😉

  • Aligning your words + actions.
  • Moving past fear + ambivalence.
  • Building strategies for self-care to manage stress + support recovery practices.
  • Bullet proofing your strategies to create consistency.

What It’s Like Inside The Inner Athlete Advantage

A leader + guide telling you exactly what to do

Written coursework

A private support community {sans facebook}

Step by step proven process

Weekly live 1:1 coaching in group environment

Content rich lessons

Practice at your
own pace

Easy to follow instructions

You also get…

Your Inner Athlete is personal to you, and only you! Receive a custom approach experience inside a community of accountability + support to unleash that hard core LOVING feeling you remember.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls where you have the opportunity to ask questions and receive one:one coaching tailored to your needs. Not only do you have an expert guiding you, but you also learn from and receive support from your fellow teammates.

Weekly Progress Check-Ins in Private Online Community {P.S. It's not on Facebook} where accountability is key to supporting your growth + evolution.

The Next IAA Group KICKS OFF October 2019.
There are 6 core modules within the program.

When you sign up for The Inner Athlete Advantage, you are stepping into your own personal power. You’re signing up for transformation, coaching + support.

This course creates a relationship with your new reliable, playful + cooperative teammate on your mission to no longer let a past injury or health challenge hold you back.

You get to move forward with a new connection where you can train, feel like a badass with a great ass, creating the body + life you enjoy again!

No matter what your story is… you shift away from any and all the judgement, punishment, restriction and control AND you are lead into the freedom of feeling STRONG, ENERGETIC and CONFIDENT in your body. Bringing your SEXY BACK!

Let’s Get You Hooked On The True Story Of Your Body!

The Inner Athlete Advantage

After participating in the Inner Athlete Advantage program, here’s what Erika Taylor had to say…

Things really shifted for me when I began considering myself as a physical being.

Ashley is brilliant at seeing the athlete in each person. She is also brilliant at getting people to become aware about how they are fighting with their body. When we’re in a fight with our body we can’t hear what is needed, and The Inner Athlete puts you back on the same team with your body.

When we are frightened, scared, and at odds we hold ourselves tight. When open and playful, things are more natural and we don’t overthink our needs.

Christie Mayer

Renee Ostertag

Alexa Pizer shares…

I’m more aware of my triggers, and how my Inner Athlete can help me pivot.

This course was recommended by my physical therapist because I tend to push my body to limits that cause it to fight back with recurring injuries. I was immediately able to give my internal thoughts an identity and this helps me not be so hard on myself for not being “perfect: or able to perform at high levels of intensity – always. I’m finding that I take things less personally because I’m more aware of my triggers, and how my Inner Athlete can help me pivot.

Your competitive advantage is connecting with YOUR Inner Athlete spirit

the thing that keeps you moving is the only thing that is sustainable. How can we integrate this competitive advantage into your high prioritized, high demand lifestyle? As I’ve been saying — you must toss out old rules and narratives about what things should look like, and replace them with accurate thinking and aliveness. This swap will drive the results you’re looking for, and is the foundation for connecting with YOUR Inner Athlete who will forever be your internal personal trainer and GPS to your most energetic, alive and strong spirit.

Are you ready to meet Your Inner Athlete and Activate Your Competitive Advantage? The single biggest thing that will make all the difference to looking and feeling sexy, BADASS, strong, and get you back in action, playfully participating in the activities you love.

Sometimes you must fall and get back up to find out what you’re made of. It’s the lesson in becoming that independent, free thinking and feeling badass you always knew you were.

Let’s Get You Hooked On The True Story Of Your Body!

The Inner Athlete Advantage

Hiya Athlete, I’m Ashley.

In my work as a sustainable health practitioner {or BADASS, whichever you prefer}, I help everyday athletes master their minds after and injury or health challenge so they can get back in action.

I’ve been here too. I became disconnected from my Inner Athlete after a major car accident at 19 years old. The downfall, I was always fighting with myself + my body through intense activity. Mistaking this physical connection as a true connection with my Inner Athlete. Staying in fighters stance, always ready for the next strike left my body running on fumes. I built the body of a fighter, and it was weak AF. I couldn’t sustain my energy, and I didn’t feel like myself.

I was addicted to being a fighter, and maintaining that story without realizing it. See. . . addiction {even to a story or identity} keeps you from connection. A true connection with Your Inner Athlete.

After a combined 17 years in clinical research + public health, I’ve written and co-authored 20+ health related publications, and having experienced both the clinical and practical aspects of the health sector, I now know what it takes to shift someone from stuck to FREE. 

Based on my work experiences, plus my personal injury and rehab experiences, I now help people connect to The Inner Athlete – the resilient part of you that’s all knowing, and is always up for playtime.

Here for you -- Ash

Apply Now + Get Your Sexy Back

The Inner Athlete Advantage

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re referring to the athlete mindset here. Whether you consider yourself an athlete or not is beside the point. If you participate in any form of physical activity and are looking to get your sexy back, whether this comes in the form of a daily walk, a Saturday night dance party, or entering a race challenge, you’re an athlete.

If you’re not feeling like yourself when it comes to your health + fitness, and you’re ready to get back in action then you’re in the right place. You’ll need to take your injury or health challenge into account when bringing your sexy back.

The calls are recorded and shared within the community after each call. If for some reason you can’t make one of the two weekly coaching calls, you can send in your questions beforehand, and I’ll answer them on the call for you.

Simple — does the description speak to you? Are you struggling to get back in action? Then this program is likely a great fit, and we will determine this further once you apply.

The Inner Athlete Advantage Is Right For You If You Want To…

  • Reprogram your way of thinking
  • Build new, rock-solid connection with yourself + your health
  • Be held accountable
  • Fall in love + trust with your body
  • End the fight + battle with your body
  • Gain a safe tribe of support + friendship
  • Get back into action with motivation + consistency
  • Feel like the strongest, sexiest and most confident you with your new teammate, Your Inner Athlete

Trust me, I get it. The thing is, you’re never going to feel 100 percent ready, and there’s no perfect time. Trusting in yourself is the first step in building the confidence you need to create a new reality.

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    Let’s Get You Hooked On The True Story Of Your Body!

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