Weeks 3 & 4: Defining The Inner Athlete

Weeks 3 & 4: Defining The Inner Athlete

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Module 2: This week is dedicated to clarifying the role The Inner Athlete plays in your life, and the vision and specific goals of your Inner Athlete.

Begin creating your new story and identity from a place of nourishment, trust and love. You are working towards listening to your body and caring for yourself on a deeper level. Taking the time to master your mind, train your body and nourish your spirit to meets your goals. These are all things that your Inner Athlete wants you to consider when creating your road-map to success.

Result: You, with your unique vision, and goals for your Inner Athlete relationship as they support your fitness, nutrition and well-being. You're charting the course by connecting to what's important to you, your health and your life priorities. With the action steps for getting there. No longer being dependent upon others because you'll know what to do!

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