Weeks 5 & 6: Identifying Your Inner Athlete

Weeks 5 & 6: Identifying Your Inner Athlete

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Module 3: This week is dedicated to identifying how your Inner Athlete feels in your body, and the ways to best connect with him/her. So that you can move from frustration and stress, into a body that has you experiencing more energy, strength and aliveness. Back to eating and training for all life's brand new adventures!

Here you’ll pay attention to how your body is communicating with you. You’ll learn how to respond to your body in times of high stress and low energy, and how to respond when morale and performance is high. So no matter what, you’re always keeping your training and nutrition in mind.

Result: You, clear on exactly how to make a meaningful connection with your Inner Athlete. No matter what the circumstance is you can always tap into your inner guidance system. The stronger your connection is the less you’ll be tempted to rely upon methods that don’t meet your unique needs, or goals. You’ll be focused and connected to yourself and your body.

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