Weeks 7 & 8: Listening To Your Inner Athlete

Weeks 7 & 8: Listening To Your Inner Athlete

You must first complete Weeks 5 & 6: Identifying Your Inner Athlete before viewing this Lesson

Module 4: This week is focused on the world and ideas of your Inner Athlete. Giving you a better idea about how and when your Inner Athlete communicates with you. Begin feeling confident in trusting how your Inner Athlete personality relates to your daily mood and the experience you want to create.

Here you’ll receive specific fitness & nutrition guidelines to support your ability level and goals. How many days you need to be active, at what level of intensity, and the type of training you need to implement with the best eating plan to go along with it.

Result: You, with a solid outline about how to implement a new routine of health habits that also take into account your life priorities at this stage in the game.

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